Dash In Rewards

Dash In Rewards is the Loyalty Program that gives members savings on fuel and makes it easy to earn Points and redeem offers on fuel, food and car washes at participating Dash In stores and Splash In ECO Car Wash locations.

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Points the Porcupine holding phone with Dash In Rewards



Receive 200 bonus points for $2 instant savings when signing up and save on our menu items including our signature Stackadillas.

Car Wash

Get your car sparkling!
Join today and redeem your
FREE $17 Best Car Wash at Splash In and achieve 3X the shine and protection with our chemical wash package.


Quality fuel you can trust!
Join today and get
25¢ OFF per gallon
welcome discount and select our Premium MPulse Fuel. Valid for 60 days.

Build Up Your Points

Automatically earn points! Whenever you fill up, scan your Member ID code or enter your phone number at the register, when you shop in-store or visit the car wash.

How To Earn More Points
Each gallon of regular unleaded or diesel fuel purchased = 1 Point
Each gallon of regular mid-grade or premium fuel purchased = 2 Points
Each dollar spent on Splash In car washes = 3 Points
Each dollar spent in-store at Dash In
(Excluding age-restricted products including cigarettes, other tobacco, vaping, alcohol, and lottery)
= 5 Points

Got questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the Dash In Rewards program.
View our Terms & Conditions.

Redeem For Great Savings On Fuel, Food, And Car Washes

You choose what to Redeem Rewards on, and Rewards start as low as 100 points!

Dash Cash

For every 100 points, you can redeem $1 Dash Cash,
 to save on food and beverage.

Car Wash

For every 400 points get a free $17 Best Car Wash.


For every 100 points,
get an extra 10 cents off 
per gallon savings on fuel.

Save Time

Use mobile ordering to have your favorite Dash In made-to-order food prepared in advance, so you can quickly grab and go.

Securely pay for Fuel and activate the pump directly from the app.

Select and pay for a Car Wash in the app. You will see your Car Wash code, available to use whenever it’s most convenient.

Download the app on the App Store
Get the app on Google Play
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